Health Sciences Library System Workshop

Basic Python through Jupyter

February 28, 2019
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Barry Moore II, PhD
Research Assistant Professor, Center for Research Computing Class
Scaife Hall, Falk Library, Conference Room B
University of Pittsburgh - Health Sciences Library System
Barry Moore II, PhD


Introduction to Python through Jupyter targets users of any experience level. If you have experience with another programming language or have never programmed at all, this workshop will get you off the ground running. This workshop approaches Python as a tool to complete data science tasks. Attendees will walk through Python at their own pace covering: types, operators, data structures, loops, flow control, comprehensions, and dealing with files. If you finish the introductory material you can continue to learn about Pandas. Pandas is a Python library which contains useful data structures for completing common data science tasks.

Please bring your own laptop.

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