Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor

Loren H. Roth, MD, MPH
Associate Senior Vice Chancellor for Clinical Policy and Planning, Health SciencesDistinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, School of MedicineProfessor of Health Policy and Management, Graduate School of Public Health


3811 O'Hara Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Loren H. Roth, MD, MPH, is associate senior vice chancellor for clinical policy and planning, health sciences; Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, School of Medicine; and professor of health policy and management, Graduate School of Public Health. He serves as a coleader in the health sciences to advance interprofessional education and clinical practice. Dr. Roth was the originator of the School of Medicine’s curriculum for the Patient-Doctor Relationship Block and helped develop several medical school courses. As a senior advisor on quality to the UPMC Health Plan, he has worked closely with UPMC throughout his career. He helped start its Community Care Behavioral Health Organization and fostered its development during a period of rapid changes in health care economics in the early 1990s. For nearly a decade, Dr. Roth led UPMC’s hazard-preparedness efforts across its many hospitals. He later became senior vice president for medical services and chief medical officer of UPMC

Dr. Roth has long advocated and worked to advance interprofessionalism in health care and has explored how team decision-making affects patient care. His research in psychiatry and law has covered the subjects of informed consent, patient dangerousness and competency, confidentiality, and ethics in research, among other topics. He has concentrated on enhancing communication between physicians and patients and improving patient safety and quality of care. An article on tests of competency to consent to treatment that he authored marked the first systematic paper on this subject to appear in the American Journal of Psychiatry and opened a new field of empirical literature.

Dr. Roth earned his BA from Cornell University and both his MD and MPH from Harvard University. He completed a psychiatry residency at Massachusetts General Hospital. In recognition of his career contributions to law and psychiatry, he received the Issac Ray Award from the American Psychiatric Association.