Patricia D. Kroboth, PhD

  • Dean, School of Pharmacy
  • Distinguished Service Professor of Pharmacy
  • Gordon J. Vanscoy Professor of Pharmacy

Patricia Kroboth, PhD, is dean of the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy and Distinguished Service Professor and Gordon J. Vanscoy Professor of Pharmacy. Her experiences in practice, research, teaching, and administration allowed her to transition quickly to the role of dean in 2002. She earned a BS in pharmacy at the University at Buffalo and an MS and PhD from Pitt.

Dr. Kroboth has had an exciting and well-funded research career exploring basic functions and clinical applications of modulation of the GABA receptor and of the family of ligand drugs known as benzodiazepines. She was founding director of what became the country’s first clinical pharmaceutical scientist PhD program, which continues to prosper at Pitt. After 21 years, she closed her laboratory in 2004 and now focuses on her administrative role.

Dr. Kroboth is a fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy and a fellow of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists. She has received the 2013 American College of Clinical Pharmacology Award for Mentoring in Clinical Pharmacology, among other awards.

Dr. Kroboth has led the Pitt Pharmacy family to a shared vision for the School of Pharmacy, which is now a leader in education, a research school of distinction, and an innovator in the practice of pharmacy and in emphasizing the pharmacist’s role in the community. The school is considered among the elite schools of pharmacy, with research that spans from drug discovery to new models of care, with the greater goal of improving patient care and outcomes.

Prior to becoming dean, Dr. Kroboth served serially as chair of both departments of the pharmacy school, beginning with the Department of Pharmacy and Therapeutics in 1988 and, then, the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1996.