Derek C. Angus, MD, MPH

  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Health Care Innovation, Health Sciences
  • Distinguished Professor, Mitchell P. Fink Professor, and Chair of Critical Care Medicine,
  • Professor of Medicine, School of Medicine
  • Professor of Health Policy and Management, Graduate School of Public Health
  • Professor of Clinical and Translational Science, University of Pittsburgh
  • Executive Vice President, UPMC, and Chief Innovation Officer

Derek C. Angus, MD, MPH, is the inaugural associate vice chancellor for health care innovation, a role that complements his appointment as UPMC’s chief health care innovation officer and fosters more strategic linkages between the two organizations to enable improved learning of health systems.

In his associate vice chancellor role, Dr. Angus works to stimulate the fusion of multiple disciplines and skills, blending expertise in clinical care delivery with organization science, decision psychology, machine learning, Bayesian trial designs, causal inference, implementation science and behavioral economics, among others.

Dr. Angus’ mandate is to enable us to learn while doing—to make smarter, faster decisions and create better integration across all of the translational, clinical, and health services and health policy domains on campus. In doing so, Dr. Angus supports the entire health sciences community in working together more effectively and in concert with UPMC.

Dr. Angus also gives equal attention to creative disruption in health sciences education. Progress in health care innovation requires the development of leaders and teams with considerable range across disciplines that have not necessarily been emphasized and have rarely been united in the same person or team. Thus, Dr. Angus works to identify opportunities to think about curricular innovations and novel training programs across the health sciences.

Dr. Angus is ideally positioned for his new roles. He is an internationally renowned and highly prolific scientist who has developed and led many successful multidisciplinary collaborations of basic scientists, clinicians, data scientists, economists, and behavioral and social scientists. In recent years, he has been a leader in developing and evaluating approaches that facilitate smarter decision-making and faster learning in health care, including novel Bayesian adaptive trial designs, the application of machine learning to large-scale data, and the use of behavioral economics and decision psychology to support optimal decision-making.

Dr. Angus is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom and has received multiple national and international honors. He completed medical school and internal medicine training at the University of Glasgow and affiliated teaching hospitals, and he completed a fellowship in critical care medicine and his MPH in health services administration at Pitt.