Schools of the Health Sciences

For more than a century, the schools of the health sciences at the University of Pittsburgh have been educational and research leaders in their respective fields. The University looks to its health sciences schools to propel scientific discovery and clinical innovation that advances human health. Education at the schools of the health sciences emphasizes interdisciplinary instruction and leadership that incorporates cutting-edge techniques and technologies to prepare future researchers, physicians, and health care providers and administrators for 21st century careers.


School of Pharmacy

School of Pharmacy students, alumni, faculty, and staff strive to solve complex medication-based problems of today and tomorrow. As innovators, they discover new drug entities and develop new drug-delivery systems. 

School of Nursing

The School of Nursing is dedicated to providing students with a strong educational foundation to conduct evidence-based practice, engage in scholarly activities, and translate health sciences knowledge to improve the delivery and practice of nursing.

School of Public Health

The School of Public Health is actively involved in expanding knowledge in the realm of public health through scientific inquiry and innovation. It has conducted groundbreaking research, from the development of the polio vaccine in the 1950s to today’s virtual modeling of the spread of infectious disease.