Richard M. Henderson, Jr., MBA, MSIS

  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance Management, Health Sciences

Richard M. Henderson Jr. is associate vice chancellor for finance management, health sciences, and is responsible for providing financial counsel and management to the senior administration in the health sciences. He directs key financial activities in the Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for the Health Sciences (SVCHS) and works to ensure that annual operating and capital budgets are prepared and reported to the appropriate areas in the health sciences and to the University of Pittsburgh Office of the Controller. Additionally, he serves as a financial liaison between Pitt and UPMC Physician Services Division.

Mr. Henderson has been working at Pitt since 1991, exclusively within the SVCHS office. He received his undergraduate degree and both of his master’s degrees from the University of Pittsburgh.

During Mr. Henderson’s time working at Pitt, the health sciences annual operating budget has grown from about $200 million to more than $1.3 billion. Mr. Henderson has also provided oversight and assistance to the health sciences in many new budget initiatives, like the annual Responsibility Center Resource Proposal process and the transition to a responsibility center management budget model.