Jaime R. Cerilli, PhD, MPM

  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Strategic Space Planning and Management, Health Sciences
  • Director, Strategic Space Planning, School of Medicine

Jaime R. Cerilli, PhD, MPM, is associate vice chancellor for strategic space planning and management, health sciences. The Office of Space Management, Health Sciences, was established in 2013 under Dr. Cerilli’s leadership to oversee and manage the maintenance, renovation, and expansion of the health sciences schools’ infrastructure and building space on campus and beyond. The office manages all capital construction projects, acts as a liaison with facilities management, anticipates and addresses space needs and requirements, and conducts strategic planning for more than 3 million square feet of health sciences research, teaching, and administrative space.

Dr. Cerilli has been with the University since 1997 and has facilitated faculty recruitment, lease negotiations, and grant submissions and led a variety of capital construction and renovation projects. She has been integral to the design, construction, and planning of the 10-story, 330,000-square-foot Biomedical Science Tower 3 research center on Fifth Avenue, the Bridgeside Point I and II facilities on Technology Drive, and the ongoing renovations and new West Wing Addition to Alan Magee Scaife Hall, home of the School of Medicine. She and her team keep large-scale projects on budget while managing space inventories and promoting cost-saving measures.

Dr. Cerilli received her bachelor’s degree in public administration and communications from Pitt, her master’s in public policy and management from Carnegie Mellon University, and her doctorate from Pitt’s School of Education.