Mark W. Geraci, MD

  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Interdisciplinary Research, Health Sciences
  • Professor of Medicine, School of Medicine

Mark W. Geraci, MD, is associate vice chancellor for interdisciplinary research, health sciences, and is professor of medicine in the School of Medicine. He seeks to advance research efforts across all six health sciences schools by implementing novel approaches and programs and enhancing the research infrastructure necessary to support the University’s expanding biomedical research activities. Dr. Geraci works to build collaborations and to stimulate interdisciplinary research with the ultimate goals of promoting health and healing, curing disease, and enhancing lives.

Dr. Geraci’s research interests center on the role of the signaling molecules eicosanoids in the biology of lung cancer and pulmonary vascular diseases. His lung cancer research also focuses on early carcinogenesis and chemoprevention and the use of lung cancer animal models. His work has uncovered important findings, such as the finding that airway dysplasia could be reversed in former smokers by using the drug iloprost.

Prior to joining Pitt in 2020, Dr. Geraci was on faculty at Indiana University, where he was the John B. Hickman Professor and chair of the Department of Medicine. There, he expanded the department’s research portfolio, clinical growth, and financial position while broadening diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. He also held leadership roles with the Precision Health Initiative program and the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute.

Dr. Geraci earned his BA at the University of Colorado studying molecular, cellular, and developmental biology and psychology. He received his MD from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and trained in internal medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School before completing a pulmonary sciences and critical care medicine fellowship at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.